Fan Services Corporate Profile

FAN Services or FAN, as we are often called, was established in 1980 to satisfy the domestic industrial needs for a third party, independent, high quality materials characterization laboratory.

FAN Services is an independent third party privately owned lab that provides cost effective materials and product testing services to a wide base of industries. We proved specialized services in mechanical, metallurgical and chemical properties of materials. Our lab is also specialized in performing failure analysis, product testing and development keeping in mind the end use application of material.

As of today, FAN Services has grown up rapidly to become nations leading materials characterization lab and can perform comprehensive cost effective materials and product testing under one roof. We serve almost every sector of industries including

  •   Aerospace & Defence
  •   Automotive Industries
  •   Healthcare Industries
  •   Materials Suppliers and Vendors
  •   Consumer Products
  •   Manufacturing Industries
  •   Construction Industries
  •   Power Plants and Energy
  •   Plastics, Polymers and Composites
  •   Medical Devices
FAN Services – Materials & Product Testing Lab’s internal quality and management system is designed and maintained to comply with ISO/IEC 17025 regulations.

From the past 35 years of our presence, FAN Services has established a huge customer base and a strong reputation in the nation and our customers have a very strong faith in us.

Our lab perform tests in accordance with a number of national and international specifications as mentioned below:

-  Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)
-  American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
-  American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
-  British Standards (BS)
-  German Standards (DIN)
-  International Standards
-  Russian Standard Specifications (GOST)
-  Japanes Standard Specifications (JIS)
-  Worlds Equivalent Grades

To see how FAN can help your organization for your products and materials testing.