Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering is the process of laying out all the steps and processes in backward direction i.e. from final product back to the product design. One of the major steps in it is the identification of the material and the processing/heat treatment carried on it.

Our experienced staff of engineer and metallurgists will evaluate your requirements in detail. Based on this evaluation they we will recommend you alternative methods and processes and specifications to develop new materials or products that meeting your needs.

We perform reverse engineering in a comprehensive and cost-effective manner taking in to account your objective. We analyze every materials aspects to deliver unparallel results. Some of the materials aspects evaluated in here are as follows

Reverse Engineering Evaluations

  • Chemical Analysis
    • Metal/Alloy Chemistry
  • Metallurgical Evaluation
    • Forged
    • Cast
    • Extrusion
  • Mechanical Properties Evaluation
    • Yield Strength
    • Ultimate Tensile Strength
    • Elongation
    • Hardness
    • Ductility
  • ¬†Manufacturing Processes
    • Heat Treatment
    • Other Manufacturing Processes
  • Thermo Mechanical Sequences
  • Joining methods
    • Weld Evaluations
    • Brazing Evaluations
  • Surface Treatment Evaluation
    • Coating Evaluations
    • Plating Evaluations


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