Innovation In Product & Materials Testing

Innovation, creativity and knowledge is what we value for solving your challenging materials and product testing needs.

We believe in open innovation and that ideas and innovations sourced from outside should go up.

Since past 30 years FAN is renowned for its innovative and novel ways in mechanical testing of complex materials and products by developing creative equipments, fixtures and methodologies. Our innovative ways of testing allows us to gain deeper insight into material behaviors.

While most of the testing is in accordance with ISO, ASTM, BIS and other published and approved standards, still there are instances where such standardized methods can not be applied and the need to develop novel ways of testing is needed.

We also come across a wide range of components which demand the design and development of novel test methodologies. Typical applications could be

  • Aerospace spare part testing
  • Automotive component testing
  • Engineering Product testing

In all the above challenging instances, FAN is very adept at

  1. Providing Tailored Testing Solutions
  2. Creating Novel Test Strategies
  3. Designing New Test Protocols
  4. Developing Novel Test Methodologies
  5. Developing Cost Effective Fixtures and Testing Aids
  6. Effective and Relevant Interpretation of Test Results Leading to Your Technical and Business Growth

FAN Projects:-

90 Degree and 180 Degree Peel Test of Elastomeric Composite Material
Force Measurement for Glaxo Bottle
-25 degree C Brittleness testing of Pipes
Green and Brown Coconut Husk Testing
Tensile Testing of 8mm Aircraft Screws
Adhesive Tape Peel Strength Testing
Mechanical Testing of Cotton Threads and Fabrics

To see how FAN can help your organization for your products and materials testing.