Weld Testing

Weld testing and evaluation is conducted to ascertain the quality of the welded component by evaluating various test parameters such as the strength of the weld, its toughness, hardness and brittleness. FAN routinely conducts weld testing on various components used in automotive, aerospace, manufacturing and engineering applications.

FAN provides a wide range of weld testing services that are carried in accordance with the various standards. Some of them are mentioned below

  • Tensile Testing
  • Bend Testing
    • Face Bend Test
    • Root Bend Test
  • Hardness Tests.
    • Vickers
    • Brinel
  • Microscopic and Metallurgical Examination.
  • Macroetching and Examination
  • Heat Affected Zone Examination
  • Failure analysis of Welded Components
  • Chemical Analysis of Weld Deposits

The above services are also applicable for other joints like brazed joints, soldered joints and riveted joints.


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