Why Fan Services

  At FAN Services, we have strong realization that you as our clients don’t just need instrument generated results but rather need results correlating your situation forming a comprehensive solution at affordable cost. It is for this reason that we at FAN keep a strong rapport with our clients to ensure that we deliver what is needed by you. In doing so our team of engineers and scientist would go an extra mile and will also closely work with you to provide you excellent services rapidly in a cost effective ways.

Our Philosophy:

FAN Services applies an integrated approach of bringing in interdisciplinary team of engineers, scientists and consultants coupled with years of materials testing experience and working closely with you to help you achieve your technical and business growth.
We value knowledge, innovation, creativity and experience which form the basis to solving complex product testing, materials testing and development needs.

Our core philosophy also involves the integration of our customers during testing and analysis. We work with our valued customers to get to the root cause of complex materials testing problems.

“We Also Provide Testing Witness Services”

“We Work Closely with Our Clients to Get to the Root Cause of their Analysis Needs”


     FAN Services is a well reputed leading lab known for its Innovation in Materials and Product Testing

Indian Oil (Fortune 500 Co.) (Padmakar – Manger at IBP)

We look forward to working with you and in contributing to your challenging materials and product testing needs.


We provide world class materials testing services at affordable cost with proper guidance and consultation very specific to your situation. We work very closely with our customers and keep a strong communication and rapport with our customers to ensure that we deliver what our customers need. The accuracy and reliability of our test results and our ability to solve your materials problems innovatively in a short period of time is what makes FAN unique in the nation.
FAN Services is highly committed to quality with regards to the following:

  • Accuracy of Test Result
  • Reliability of Test Results
  • Accurate and Simplified Reporting
  • Quick Turnaround Time
  • Affordable Cost

Turnaround Time:

 FAN has a solid track record and reputation to complete your testing within a very short period of time.

      FAN Services provides very high quality test results within a very short period of time

– CEO Criterion Scientific LLC USA


FAN Services maintains a high degree of integrity and confidentiality with regards to your test results and data.


To see how FAN can help your organization for your products and materials testing.