Materials Suppliers and Vendors

We play an important role as an independent third party materials testing and analysis lab. One of the primary important part in vendor and supplier assessment process is the evaluation of his product quality. It is always in everybody’s best interest to get the quality assessment done from an independent third party lab.

We provide following services in this category

  1. Product Certification
  2. Competitor Product Comparison
  3. Materials Identification
  4. Mechanical Testing
  5. Product Development and Testing
  6. Product Performance Testing
  7. Composition Analysis
  8. Manufacturing and Heat Treatment Analysis
  9. Coating and Plating Analysis

At FAN, we have strong realization that you as our clients don’t just need instrument generated results but rather need results correlating your situation forming a comprehensive solution at affordable cost.

Feel free to email or call us and we shall be more than happy to assist you in your situation.