Aerospace & Defence Industries

FAN is a leading materials testing laboratory renowned for its innovation in materials testing and analysis of various aircraft parts, materials and accessories. We have been serving aerospace industries since pas 35 years. Innovation in materials design and manufacture is of utmost important since today’s aerospace industry demands Stronger, Lighter and Smarter Cost Effective solutions.

  • Extremely small/limited sample size
  • Complex Materials Investigation requiring deep knowledge of foreign materials unknown in the Indian industries ex. Russian grade materials, German and Japanese grade materials.
  • Non-Indian and Non-Standard Materials Specs
  • High degree of criticality of all the components
  • Quick Turnaround Time
  • Sustainable Solutions
  • Reduced Environmental Impact

FAN has to its credit, the fulfillment of all the above challenges and has been providing such prompt services since past three decades in a cost effective manner.


Aerospace & Defence Projects:

  1. Analysis of Nickel base Superalloys
  2. Analysis of TBCs
  3. Reverse Engineering on Russian Grade Aircraft Components
  4. Failure Analysis of Aircraft Parts
  5. Mechanical Testing of Screws
  6. Metallurgical Evaluation of Aircraft Components
  7. Consultation on Material Selection