Facilities at Fan Services

Sr. No. Name of Equipment Mfg Identification
1 Carbon and sulphur
Abrol Industries FC-1 0 to 1.5 % Carbon
0 to 0.25 % Sulphur
2 Single Pan Balance The Scientific Inst. Co ltd. FC-2 0 to 100 gm/0.1 mgm
3 Single Pan Balance Dhona FC-2A 0 to 200 gm/0.l mgm
4 Muffle Furnace Abrol Industries FC-3 0 to 1000 deg. Celsius
5 Muffle Furnace Lab. Hosp. FC-3A 0 to 1200 deg. Celsius
6 Vis- Spectophometer The Scientific Inst. Co ltd FC-4 350-625 nm
350-950 nm
7 Drying Oven Abrol Industries FC-5 0 to 300 deg Celsius
8 Centrifugal Machine Rami Industries FC-6 -
9 Forte’s Barometer Abrol Industries FC-7 0 to 760 mm
10 Electro Analysers Swiss Engineers Pune FC-8 Current 0 to 10 Amp. & 0 to 15 voults
11 Electro Analysers Toshniwal Instrment FC-8A FC-8A
12 Water Distillation Unit Kumar Ind. FC-9 8 Litters /hour Capacity
13 Platinum Crucible Hindustan Platinum FC-10 25 ml

Sr. No. Equipment Manufacturer Id No. Range
1 Universal Testing
FIE, India FM-1 Up tp 400 kN (40MT)
2 Tensometer FIE, India FM-2 Upto 2kN (1MT)
3 Vickers Brinell
Hardness Tester
GDR-7030 Leipzig WPM, Germany FM-3 5 to 250 kgf. for Vickers
31.25 to 187.5 kgf for Brinell
4 Inverted
Metallurgical Microscope
Vardhan Works, India FM-4 25X to 1500X Magnification
5 Tensile Testing Machine MCS, India FM-5 Upto 2kN (1MT)
6 Durometer Hardness Tester
Shore A
Shore D
Ocean, U.S.A
Ocean, U.S.A
FM-6 0-100HA

  • Loading Accuracy as high as + 1%
  • Straining at variable speeds to suit a wide range of materials.
  • Continuous roll autographic recorder supplied as standard to enable study of the behavior of materials
  • Motor driven threaded columns for quick effortless adjustment of lower cross-head-to facilitate rapid fixing of test specimen.
  • High reading accuracy due to large size and design of dial.
  • Wide range of standard and special accessories, including load stabilizer.
  • Easy change from plain to threaded and screwed specimens.
  • Large effective clearance between columns enables testing of standards specimens as well as structures.
  • Simple controls for easy of operation.
  • Robust staining frame of an extremely rigid construction.
  • Safe operation ensured be means of safety devices.
  • Fully enclosed and protected pendulum.

Over the past three decades FAN has developed a variety of Innovative fixtures and other innovative tools/testing aids facilitating complex materials and product testing and analysis. Our team of engineers and scientists has a considerable experience in designing and developing these fixtures.
It is also due to the innovation in design and development of these fixtures, that we are able to provide very cost effective testing solutions with high degree of accuracy at our earliest.
Specialized testing needs often require the use of fixtures and additional testing equipments as demanded by ASTM, IS, BIS, BS, DIN standards.
FAN is collaborated with 8 machine shops and manufacturing centres which are equipped with following machines.

  • Computerized Numeric Control (CNC) Machines
  • Jig Boring Machines
  • Automatic Spindle Lathes
  • Drilling Machines
  • Milling Machines
  • Surface Grinding Machines
  • Cylindrical Grinding Machines
  • Welding Facilities
  • Presses

Our collaborations with some of the leading manufacturing centres in the city enables us to facilitate testing requirements and speeds up our testing activities.


To see how FAN can help your organization for your products and materials testing.